ESD PC( PC Chống tĩnh điện)

PC (Polycarbonate)

Transparent and self-extinguishing plastic product with mechanical properties, flame retardancy, cold resistance, and electrical properties.


PC is a polycarbonate product developed by General Electric (GE) as a substitute for the easily broken and deformed acrylic and general plate glass. PC is available for a variety of applications regardless of time and place by way of a smooth plane surface, a natural curved surface, and various thermal processing, etc. Plastic materials typically suffer from a bad balance between impact strength and tensile strength, but PC is exceptional. It also has an excellent creep property especially at high temperatures. In terms of load deflection temperature, it belongs to the highest class, yet the temperature does not change significantly by load amount. It also has excellent low-temperature properties, transparency and weather resistance. Due to excellent electrical properties, little change by temperature and frequency, and a low absorption rate, it is not affected by moisture. Scientific properties include stability against alcohol, oil, weak acid, etc.


* Lighting property
Light transmittance is as transparent as glass, and so it has a better natural lighting than shades. Useful as a substitute for ceiling and window.

* Insulation
Effectively blocks the flow of heat and thus reduces cooling/heating costs.
Excellent insulating effect by blocking the flow of outside air.

* Self-extinguishing
It flexibly extinguishes itself in an intense heat caused by fire, but flame does not grow.

* Impact resistance
250 times the glass, 50 times the acrylic, withstands any shock, has bulletproof effect

* Lightweight
About 1/2 the glass, reduces cost of transportation and handling, suitable for high-rise buildings and other structures

* Moldability
Excellent strength and flexibility make it easy to process curved surfaces and apply to doorway, window, and machine cover.

* Dimensional stability
Not easily affected by temperature and moisture.

* Weather resistance
With excellent resistance to UV, its superior material properties are maintained for a long time.

* Excellent electrical properties over a wide range of temperatures
(Electrical properties do not change over a wide range of temperatures; the dielectric strength is excellent as an insulating material; and it is suitable for electrical and electronic components.)

* Continuous operating temperature: 120℃

– Dimension –

*Production orders over 100T

– Physical property –

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Kích thước sản phẩm


Phân loạiKích thước tiêu chuẩnGhi chú
Dạng câyØ  10   – 50,     x  (L) 1000 mm
Dạng tấm3,  5 , 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25,  (T mm)  x1220(W mm)  x  2440 (L mm)

30, 35, 40-60  (T mm)  x 600(W mm)  x  1220 (L mm)



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