PCTFE (3F: Trifluoro Chloro Ethylene) can be machined into arbitrary shapes by way of injection, extrusion and compression. One of fluoride resins whose mechanical properties resemble those of 4F (PTFE).


Continuous operating temperature = 180℃
(Has heat resistance of -50 ~ 180℃ and excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance at an extremely low temperature)
Excellent chemical resistance (falls behind 4F (PTFE) and swells in halogenated solvents, etc., but has a strong resistance to strong acids, strong alkalis, mixed acid, oxidant, etc)
(Has a translucent exterior which 4F (PTFE) does not.)
Electrical properties
(Has excellent electrical properties including low dielectric constant, dielectric tangent, etc.)
Mechanical properties
(Similar to 4F (PTFE) but has a superior compressive strength and widely used as a chemical (especially high pressure) gasket.)


Heat-resistant electrical components, packing, flanges, lining materials, piping for chemical machines
Chemicals, biological samples, transportation pack or packaging film for pharmaceuticals
Level gauge, high pressure gasket for chemicals, liquid level meter in chemical factories, tube
Liquid introducing pipe, conduit for corrosive chemicals, etc.

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